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A Unique Professional Development Event That Will Change How You Think about Leading and Learning in the Digital Age! Fourteen non-profit educational organizations have planned a HUGE professional development event and you are invited! Over 200 sessions with outstanding presenters with strategic topics will Wow you with High Impact challenges for leaders and educators! Over 100 Exhibitors and Sponsors will Amaze you with new tools for the 21st Century global education community. Over 3,000 of your colleagues, friends, business associates, and leaders will Be There in the same place at the same time. Share real face time. 

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Tuesday, April 23

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

10:15am EDT

11:30am EDT

203 Evernote - In and Out of the Classroom! Ballroom 1 162 Enhancing STEM Education with Geospatial Technology 327/328 17 Think.Learn.Innovate.Explore with Your STUDENTS 332 25 Building Problem Solvers Using LEGO WeDo Robotics 330 28 iCame, iSaw, iGoogled: Googlizing Your Learning Environments with Goggle Apps 336 29 Let's Get GRAPHIC! Graphics Novels vs. Common Core and the State 333 305 One-to-One 101: What You Need to Know Before You Invest 306 306 Creativity in the Cloud - Multimedia Authoring Across Devices 313 315 Using SMART to Implement Common Core: 10 Activities in 10 Minutes or Less 324 316 Explore, Learn, and Play with MPT and PBS KIDS Lab 326 320 Improving Instructional Practice with Collaborative and Reflective Tools 311 329 Inpire Literacy in Middle School Adolescents 318 336 How Do We Close the Creative Problem Solving Skills Gap with Today’s Students? 321 342 Creating and Delivering content for any Device with the Adobe Creative Cloud 323 351 Helping Children Find and Love their Voice 331 370 Digital Literacy for PARCC and CCSS 304 372 How to Use Interactive Lessons in a Differentiated Classroom 312 38 Pinterest as an Educational Resource for Students and Teachers 338 45 The Research Process for the Common Core Classroom 334 48 The Three Musketeers of Engaging Your Digital Natives 335 55 Maryland's Principal Evaluation Project 329 9 Transitioning to the Common Core: Incorporating iPads into Math Instruction and Assessment 337 122 i4i - iPads for Individuals, a 1:1 Initative; Part I Developing a Vision 325 73 Adding Rigor to Library Media Evaluations with Information Literacy Assessment 322 82 The Not-So-Impossible Dream: Building Evidence-based Home Literacy Habits 305 52 The Phenomenology of Teachers' TPACK, Pedagogy, and Web 2.0 301 1300 Classroom Management for the Middle Level Educator- Managing the Madness 319/320

1:45pm EDT

124 i4i - iPads for Individuals, a 1:1 Initiative; Part 2 Deploying the Devices 325 330 Inpire Literacy in High School Adolescents 318 149 Visual Thinking for Project Planning 305 202 iHave an iPad - How Do iUse It in the Classroom? Ballroom 1 401 Modeling Technology in Staff Development 319/320 100 Vocabulary Acquisition Anytime, Anywhere 338 154 SLOs in the Evaluation Process 306 163 Trends in 3D Visualization and Virtual World Development for K-12 327/328 317 Grown-Ups Can Play Too: An Introduction to LEGO WeDo Robotics used in the Maryland 4-H Program Pt. 1 321 321 Using Master Scored Classroom Videos to Improve Observer Proficiency 311 324 Technology, UDL & You: See It, Play With It, Practice It, Think It 313 340 Windows in(to) the Classroom Can Help Improve Teaching and Learning Experience in the Classroom Part 1 323 39 Copyright and Technology: A Collaborative and Dramatic Approach 332 40 Black-Eyed Susan Elementary 331 50 Lit and Math: An Unlikely Pair – OPAC Tagging and the Common Core 335 57 Multimedia Fosters Literacy Achievement in the Common Core 330 58 Spanning Time and Space: Building Online Professional Learning 326 61 Action Research: Putting It All Together - From Student Needs to Teacher (and Teacher Candidate) Evaluation 312 74 Choosing the Right Text for Students! Common Core and Text Complexity 333 77 Districts Can Do It! How to Implement and Manage Vendor Online Course Reviews 334 94 Making Apps with Students - Version 2.0 336 1 PARCC Assessments and the Alignment to the Common Core State 324 108 Building a Principal Pipeline: Improving Student Achievement through Leadership 322 123 Effective Implementation of Professional Development through Diversified School Leadership 343 67 Learning by Design: Teacher Professional Learning, Technology, and UDL 337 130 Indicators for a Classroom Observation Tool on Pedagogy and Technology Integration: A Delphi Study 301

3:00pm EDT

160 Level Up: Gamification for the Epic Win 332 43 The One iPad Classroom 336 402 Building Collaborative School Culture with Data 326 500 Adult Learners: PD and the School Librarian 319/320 701 Good Enough at What? How Do We Know? Who Should Decide? Ballroom 1 155 Pulling It All Together 334 164 Using Moodle to Teach Geospatial Technology in K-12 327/328 170 Know the Learner by Customizing the Learning Through Blended Learning 306 2 Teach SMART- Math and Reading to the Common Core 338 23 A Transdisciplinary Process: A Teachers's Guide to Facilitating Research with Elementary Students 333 27 Ace the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice 331 309 In Support of the Common Core: Resources from Infobase Learning 312 318 Grown-Ups Can Play Too: An Introduction to LEGO WeDo Robotics used in the Maryland 4-H Program Pt. 2 321 325 Technology, UDL & You: See It, Play With It, Practice It, Think It 313 341 Windows in(to) the Classroom Can Help Improve Teaching and Learning Experience in the Classroom Part 2 323 350 Beyond Alignment and Compliance with Common Core State Standards: Going Deep with Reading 329 37 Learning to Fly - Using Google Earth with Elementary Students 330 371 The Human Need to Blend: What Education Can Learn from Early Digital Pioneers 304 374 iBooks Author. Create and Publish Amazing Multi-Touch Books for iPad 318 44 Put Away Your Stickers and Popsicle Sticks! Virtual Classroom Management 335 6 i4i - iPads for Individuals, a 1:1 Initiative; Part 3 Apps and More 325 7 Better Together: iPad and iMovie 343 92 A Look at the People, Projects, Policies & Apps Leading Mobile & BYOT Success 337 53 Building Trust in an Age of Accountability 322 98 Getting It Done: 2 Turnaround Principals' Journey to Build Climate and Instructional Capacity 305 IHE SIG Working Group: MOOC Madness 301